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Since years abstract artist GIDJA creates unique colorful dot paintings and watercolors. Using a feather, and without a plan, he let the paint and colors guide him. Self-taught GIDJA finds his inspiration in indigenous culture for their understanding of spirituality and ecology. The dot paintings are narrative and populated with animals, symbols, people, spirits and objects. His first encouter with painting was in the period 1995-2002 when he painted saturated watercolors.

In april 2016 GIDJA painted 'A quest for life' with the help of Syrian and African refugees at a refugee centre in Flanders. In 2017 he was invited by Agora Gallery New York to take part in a collective exhibition 'Spatial Fluidity' with international artists and was represented by Agora Gallery NY in 2017.

GIDJA is a practicing osteopath in Belgium. His professional practice mirrors his artistic path: understanding connections and inspiring people.

"Getting people in touch with nature and spirituality through my artwork, would be a dream come true.

I don't use drawings, sketches or images. I try to paint starting from imagination and meditation. When I paint, I follow a path inside, without knowing its ending. Staying in this moment is very healing and opens up my mind. All of my paintings are imbued with a deep respect for life and are telling countless stories. If we understand and embrace the bio-logical fact that we are all connected with each other, life would be much more harmonic and peaceful.

I believe we can take our responsibility to change this world for the future of our children."

Stijn De Mets (GIDJA)


stories     projects     about gidja     contact

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